Vacuum Evaporation−It has been playing a key rolls in wide variety Of fields as a technique for creating high quality thin film on the surface of a material.
An important feature of the vacuum evapolation technology is its ability to form a uniform, high purity film.It can be applied to almost any material,whether it is metal or non―metal,so that it has limitless potential.
The VeLL High Vacuum Evaporation System is a high performance device that provides the utmost performance from the vacuum evaporation technology. Because it attains a higher vacuum than systems using conventional technology,it can create a thin film of higher quality. Every portion of the system, including the exhaust unit and the heating unit, fully utilizes know―how unique to Shinku Giken to meet diversified and demanding needs in the fields of high technology,such as electronics.
VeLL High Vacuum Evaporation System−A system presented by Shinku Giken with confidence based on long years of experience with vacuum evaporation.