Business Overview

(1) Device Manufacturing and Sales
・ vacuum evaporators
・ ion plating devices
・ other vacuum equipment

Our many years of experience in vacuum technologies as a manufacturer of vacuum devices enable us to provide our customers with the right tools for their needs. We put our customersユ desires first, and our basis in custom-made manufacturing, beginning with the design phase, allows us to offer a wider variety of devices.

(2) Vacuum Device Maintenance
・ maintenance
We offer a wide variety of maintenance services, from leak testing using our detectors to the exchange of spent parts, including oil changes.
Our comprehensive services include overhauling; let us know if there is a specific task with which we can help.

・ device updating
Allow us to assist in updating your equipment. We offer a full line of services, from onsite inspections, design work and proposals to meet your needs, to updating services.

(3) Manufacture and Sales of Genuine Parts and Consumables
Not only do we manufacture and sell parts and consumables for our own devices, but we can also produce parts for a wide variety of vacuum devices made by other manufacturers as well.

(4) Manufacture and Sales of Evaporator Tools
We manufacture and sell the domes, dome rings, etc., used as evaporator tools.
Our extensive knowledge in evaporators allows us to provide our customers with the right tools for their baseboard lenses, from design through manufacturing.